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   Zion Hill Baptist Church strives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in several areas of ministry:
  1. Preaching and Teaching Services:  These events occur several times a week for adults, young people, and children
    • Sunday School for all ages every Sunday at 10 am
    •  Preaching services 3 times a week: Sunday at 11 am and 6 pm, and Wednesday at 7 pm
  2.  Missions:
    •  ZHBC provides spiritual and monetary support to many missionaries involved in several aspects of ministry such as foreign missions, printing ministries, young women's facilities, prison ministries.
  3. Live-streaming:
    • This ministry streams videos of our services while they are occurring that reach thousands of people around the world. They are especially useful for home bound, extended care saints, people traveling, and individuals in nations overseas who cannot make it to our services.
  4. Sermon Audio:
    • This ministry makes the preaching/teaching services available for anyone to listen or download to their cell phones, computers, or tablets for listening whenever they choose in addition to being able to place them on CDs or DVDs to play on devices as desired.
  5. Visitation:
    • Every Saturday at 10 am, church members meet to go "door-knocking" to let the community know about Zion Hill Baptist Church, to visit the sick or troubled, and to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. Several Other Programs are under development.